Wood- and Corn-Burning
Pellet Stoves and Furnaces

A century ago, almost every home was heated with coal or wood. Today, it is the uncommon home that is heated solely with such simplicity. Oftentimes, homeowners wish for the atmosphere a fire provides, but would like to avoid the time-consuming and messy gathering and storage of wood. Fortunately, there are stoves and furnaces available for almost anyone and in a wide range of prices.

Pellet stoves and furnaces have made enormous strides since their introduction in the 1980s. Modern pellet stoves and furnaces are energy efficient, achieving almost 100% combustion in a number of models, making them an outstanding answer for winter heating that is also environmentally savvy. Besides wood pellets, many pellet stoves and furnaces can make use of corn pellets as an alternative fuel source. Pellete stoves are also much cleaner to live with than the average wood stoves, since the pellets are clean and easy to load.